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Music Shack provides all type of instrument repair, from band instruments, to guitars, to amplifiers. Our technicians are top notch and provide the best possible repair services.

Music Shack offers top quality guitar and bass repair from our qualified staff, that includes restringing to complete setups, fret dressing, neck adjustments, electronics and structural repair. Our repair team pays special attention to even the smallest details when repairing, such as fret board conditioning and cleaning with each string change.

Cleve Childers
Repair Technician

Previously an Orlando police officer, Cleve learned the business of instrument repair from the late James Blackford (Blackie to his friends). He has worked at the Bandwagon, Dr. Winds and the Bandroom before coming to the Music Shack. Whether your instrument just needs a good chemical wash or a complete teardown with resoldering , repadding or recorking, Cleve can do it. He handles any musical instrument from a piccolo to a tuba.

Because Music Shack is open 6 days a week we are able to return your instrument to you quickly and satisfactorily.